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Международен конкурс за екологичен небостъргач в Хонг Конг

Вторник, 08 Януари 2013 14:35

SuperSkyScraper Team организира отворен международен архитектурен конкурс за екологичен небостъргач в Хонг Конг. Основната цел е да се създаде емблематична сграда за града, в която да бъдат ефикасно решени проблемите със свръхконсумацията и възможностите за третиране на отпадъците. Срокът за регистрация е 12 април 2013г., а срокът за изпращане на преложенията е 15 април 2013г.

Награден фонд: $ 6,000
Регистрационна такса: $ 80

За повече информация посетете http://www.superskyscrapers.com/



+1 #5 Александър Димов 2013-01-10 13:06
Моля, преведете тази дискусия на български.
Предлагам поамериканчване то на КАБ да започне с легализиран превод на договора за проектиране на английски език ;)
В противен случай другата година ще платя членски внос в рупии.
#4 Стефан Аспарухов 2013-01-10 03:12
I partly agree with your point of view Mr. Kopralev,

I prefer to refrain from giving explanation about the pathetic surroundings the bulgarian professional architects are practising and living in. I'm sure you know it. So here is one of tha many rhetorical questions: How did CAB set the standards for its professionals (comparable to the market) for the last years?

I was talking about the actual state in the labor policies in the Republic of Bulgaria as a whole which is much broader than CAB's behaviour.

Your comparison about the mid-level admin person salary in the US is as though inappropriate. This person would take about 6.000 leva for a month, which is 3 to 6 times more than the month sallary for the lucky bulgarian architect ..

Nevertheless I'm thankful to know your oppinion because all the professionals must defend such a position..... otherwise tonight we are going to reed about the next "great" architect from Bangla Desh.,,,

Obviously no one will join in our conversation :-), so I'll recomend you to visit the CAB's discussion forum in Facebook..... There are hundreds of posts about our problems.

www.kab.bg is the official web site of CAB, so everyone could visit it for relevant information.

And now I permanently quit this debate :-).

All the best.
+1 #3 Peter Kopralev 2013-01-09 22:15
Dear Mr. Asparuhov,

As far as I know KAB is a professional organization. Therefore it should serve the members of the chamber, which are registered professional architects. Without those members there would not be a chamber of the architects. With that said, a good practice is not to post freelancing projects on the site of a professional organization. There are tons of internet sites for freelancers. KAB's web site is not a freelancing site.

As for the rates, I am sure perhaps you understand that underestimating and diminishing the level of compensation for architectural services (especially for international projects) based on country of origin would not provide a stable growth for the industry.

KAB is to protect the interests of the professionals and set standards for their compensations, comparable to the market, as well the worldwide practice.

Just a thought.

Best regards,
P. Kopralev
#2 Стефан Аспарухов 2013-01-09 11:23
Thanks for the tip Mr. Kopralev.

I suppose there is a big difference between wining award for competition and pricing on design bid. A lot of other international competitions put as award for the winners just publication, exibition or even lower money price.
It is not correct comparing hour rate cost estimation of staff employed and the cost estimation of free lancing for sharing ideas. As you know the labor policies in Bulgaria are far away from the good practices in the US.
It is essential that the current contest is not only for professional architects but for ALL.

Warmest regards,
St. Asparuhov
#1 Peter Kopralev 2013-01-09 05:38
Assuming that a team of just two professionals is going to be that smart and efficient to create an outstanding project for Arcology SkyScraper - HONG KONG in just 10 days, we get the following simple math for winning the 1st prize of $3,500.

10days x 8hrs/day = 80hours to complete the project

$3500 / 80hours = $43.75/hour. This is how much a team of two will earn for one hour of their professional work.

Hence, 1 person gets $21.875/hour if he/she agrees to work on such task. That basically is a typical hourly rate for a mid-level admin person in a small- to mid-size architectural company in the USA, with no architectural knowledge whatsoever.

I recommend posting projects that really benefits the architectural society and its professional work.

P. Kopralev
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